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Ideas For Kitchen Renovation

Every home’s soul is in the kitchen. It is the location where food is prepared and family and friends gather to eat, laugh, and celebrate. You deserve a modern kitchen that suits your needs. Painting Experts kitchen renovation experts has been updating kitchens for homeowners all over the Dubai. If your kitchen is showing signs of wear, we can either complete a comprehensive floor-to-ceiling remodel to provide the cooking space you’ve always desired, or we can make fast and easy updates to breathe new life into your kitchen without a full renovation.

10 ideas to make the kitchen renovation:

  1. Use eye-catching cabinet designs:

For a modern kitchen, you can choose from a variety of bold cabinetry designs with Mediterranean patterns. For a modern kitchen, choose sleek design ideas with laminate or glass doors. If you enjoy art, you can also use textured or decorated glass panels with sophisticated designs to make you feel more at ease and serene.

With just a few personal touches, you can greatly influence the appearance of your new kitchen.

  1. Include a Kitchen Island

A kitchen island provides additional space for seating or laying down cooked items. You can even convert it into a workstation by adding open shelves on the sides to hold your chopping board, butcher block, cheese grater, and other small items needed for preparation before you begin cooking the meal.

  1. Use unusual shelving and storage areas.

If you have a large kitchen, you can not only install appropriate cabinetry and a kitchen island with storage, but you can also implement hanging storage facilities for easier access. This works especially well in a small kitchen, where cabinetry is limited and there may not be enough space for a kitchen island at all.

Thus, hanging open shelves or innovative kitchen renovation can provide much-needed storage spaces without jeopardizing your idea of a sleep modern kitchen or overloading your countertops.

  1. Install a Backsplash of Tile

A tile backsplash is strategically placed to keep the incoming moisture and grime from ruining your new kitchen.

These structures can be installed ahead of time or used as temporary measures while cooking. Removable tile backsplashes can be made possible by innovative kitchen solutions and interior design.

As an added measure to keep your kitchen shiny and clean, you can use wax or laminate to protect the walls and backsplash.

  1. Install advanced stainless steel appliances.

Wood-burners, steel grates, iron, and other materials commonly used in the past were certainly usable but unreliable.

Stainless steel appliances are both durable and fashionable. They not only withstand extreme heat and cold, but they are also easier to clean. You might not always have the time to scrub those hot burners and spilled food.

With stainless steel appliances, however, a quick wipe will remove the residue and stains, leaving your kitchen spotless. Aside from the high-end functionality, they also add a modern feel to your kitchen design.

  1. Add a touch of metallic hardware.

Because the kitchen sink is subjected to the harshest conditions, stainless steel protects it. It does not rust easily and stains easily come off, leaving your kitchen clean and sanitary for an extended period of time.

Metallic hardware is a great idea if you are a homeowner who is renovating the kitchen in order to sell your home. It assists prospective buyers in visualising their kitchen by ensuring that their tasks will be minimised in the space.

  1. For countertops, use sturdy materials.

While marble and granite countertops are good value for money, they do have flaws such as chipping, cracking, and even germ growth. These materials are undeniably strong, but their porosity and visible cracks make them a breeding ground for pests.

Quartz countertops are a far better option for your requirements. They are extremely tough, almost unbreakable, making them long-lasting solutions. Furthermore, the tough exterior prevents germs from breeding in the cracks, keeping your kitchen clean and sanitary at all times.

  1. Use eye-catching decor:

Although it may appear unnecessary to incorporate artwork and ostentatious decorative pieces in this specific space, you can still liven it up with fixtures and lightings for added effect.

Make a statement with some tall bar tools around the kitchen island and turn the space into a mini-bar with a shaker and some assorted ingredient jars.

Pendant lights can also be used for mood lighting on a date night, or neon lights for a party.

Unless they are in use, these décor pieces are small and almost inconspicuous. They’re mostly subdued so they don’t get in the way when you’re rushing around the kitchen. However, they do add an aesthetic appeal to your kitchen, making it look beautiful and lasting.


  1. Make a place for everything

Pull-out or open shelves can be used in the lower cabinets to store non-breakable items. Keep in mind that hazardous materials should not be stored where children can easily access them. Place your cooktop in a strategic location, preferably near the dishwasher and a reasonable distance from the sink. This way, you can make a spot for the rest of your appliances in the open areas where you can easily access them.

  1. Don’t be afraid to add personal touches.

You can have them install furniture or woodwork that you’ve made or designed, such as a china cabinet or bar stools. You can also assemble IKEA furniture and paint it yourself with personalized designs. Alternatively, why not hang photo frames with pictures of your loved ones in the kitchen?

These personalized features give your kitchen personality, making it feel more cosy and desirable. Unless, of course, you intend to flip the property, in which case adding personal touches is unnecessary.

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